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Irrigation Installation & Repair

Yep...We can fix that!

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Irrigation Manager: Daniel Diaz

Licensed Technician

Over 20 years experience

Douglas Landscapes LLC offers a complete range of Irrigation services to make sure that all of your watering needs are provided. We’ve been serving the Austin area and surrounding cities since 1999. Whether you need to design and install a brand new irrigation system or simply need to repair your current one, we’ve got you covered.

For better quality and lasting service, Douglas Landscapes LLC uses only the finest quality brands and parts. There are plenty of inferior parts on the market but we simply choose to stay far away from them.  It's easy to cut corners in this industry.  Afterall, how would the customer even know the difference if we used cheap parts since 95% of the entire system is underground right?  Well, we just don't take advantage of people like that.  Never have & we never will. 


 We can design and build a sprinkler system or a drip system for any need, big or small.  We carry a large selection of parts and service ALL brands of timers, valves, drippers, bubbler and sprinkler heads. We specialize in installing Wi-Fi and app-controlled irrigation timers that allow you to control and adjust your watering from anywhere with an App on your phone!

If your irrigation system isn’t working properly or isn’t living up to your expectations, we can repair it, modify it or completely re-design it to make it better. We have over 22 years of experience right here in Central Texas. We understand the climate, we know the landscaping. We know how to help you get the most out of your sprinkler or drip irrigation system.



Performing necessary adjustments to sprinkler and controller settings as well as a complete review of an existing system to ensure all components of your sprinkler system are functioning properly and a proper evaluation has been performed.


Adjustment of watering time and frequencies is needed as the seasons fluctuate. With that being said, a summer/fall/winter evaluation will allow for us to make the proper adjustments to your sprinklers to ensure your plants and sod are getting the proper water it needs.



Rerouting/renovations are needed for landscaping additions/change, and/or pool and patio construction

Just have a pool put in? We are ready and willing to restore your sprinkler system after a
pool addition, patio expansion, homes addition, and landscape changes.

Common sprinkler repairs

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads

  • Broken PVC Pipe

  • Malfunctioning Control Valves

  • Repairing Sprinkler System Leaks

  • Locating Irrigation System Leaks

  • Wiring Problems

  • Updating Systems for Efficiency

  • Adding Sprinkler Heads

  • Adding Stations

  • Raising Sprinkler Heads

  • Locating Valves

  • Repairing Controllers

  • Repairing Backflow Preventers

  • And Much More...If it has to do with sprinklers, we can fix it.

  • Re-routes after pool installation

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