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Here are just a few...

Doug was very professional and responsive when I needed my landscaping redone. I had an idea of flower beds, mulch and bushes but I just couldn’t get it get it in paper. I met with Doug and explained what my thoughts were and he made it happen! I strongly recommend Doug and Douglas Landscapes! They also took care of an irrigation issue I had while they were there!

Services: Lawn mowing / maintenance, Mulching

JJ Gomez - Round Rock

I used Douglas Landscapes to get my lawn looking beautiful. Doug is great at communication and his work is awesome! I have a new lawn, beautiful beds and helped me pick some new rock for decoration. I would highly recommend!

I have reviewed Doug's company before, but felt compelled to review again. Had a fence company come out and put a fence in a couple weeks ago. They ran over a sprinkler box and cut a main line to the sprinkler system. While the fence guys made a "temporary" repair on the line, the valve in the box received permanent damage. Daniel, who works with Doug's company, has made repairs at the house in the past. His work is exact and to the point, done right the first time. The repairs and one upgrade this season went off without a hitch. Thank you both!

Michael P. - Liberty Hill

Douglas Landscapes was able to fit me in and repair a faulty irrigation system installation AND get my yard mowed and trimmed in less than a week. Yard looks great and the system now works properly. While here, Doug also talked about ways to improve my yard. Now I am ready to get the yard looking like what my wife and I had envisioned! Thank you, Doug!

Excellent. Hard working and great value. Doug really knows his business. He exceeded all of our expectations!!


I started using Douglas Landscapes last year. My yard was a mess. Doug was so helpful in making recommendations for my yard to make it look thick and green. He put in some beautiful beds and helped with drainage issues that were causing problems.  Now that we are in the Spring this year, WOW, what a difference. With all the rain, the fix for the drainage issues worked like a charm. My yard is thick and beautiful already and the beds are awesome. My neighbors are jealous.
He continues to help my with my yard each week. I am also looking to add trees and he went over some great options. I am coming up with other ideas to make my yard the best and will always use Doug for the quality of work and for how nice and easy to work with.

Kimberly C. - Round Rock

Holy smokes! I am so glad I found Doug, he saved my back. I had planted some bamboo in a large container but it escaped through the bottom. I know bamboo but it out smarted me this time. When I removed the bulk of it I was left trying to dig out the rhizomes, after days with a pick-ax, saw and shovels I called in the big guns! Doug came by with his machine and cleared it out for me:).... Leveled out some other areas of my yard too. I am so grateful, now I can feel secure that my mom won't trip and fall in my yard when she comes down for a visit!
Doug is dependable, arrives when he says he will and he is reasonable with what he charges. I will be calling for help again, happy I found someone with work ethic.

Brandon P. - Georgetown

I can't say enough positive things about Doug. Prompt, polite, reasonable, and quality are a few words that come to mind. I called Doug on a Tuesday with a last minute landscaping need with a Thursday afternoon deadline. Not only did he get the job done, he went above and beyond with his service and mulched a couple trees as well.

I sincerely appreciate the work and ability to get this done last minute when I had very few other options. I highly recommend Douglas Landscapes for all of your future landscaping needs.

Y.R. - Georgetown

Douglas Landscapes is what you hope for, I've had such a great experience over a period of time. Prompt and precise old school service, very knowledgeable and service with a smile, not to mention proper pricing. Thank you for my lawn care needs and turning my property into a slice of heaven, it means a lot to me...

Rick S. - Round Rock

Douglas Landscapes is the best around... Doug has done an amazing and reliable job on my yard.  He installed new sod recently and my neighbors stop often to tell me how great it looks! I know when I get an estimate from Doug for tree trimming or other extra services, I know his rate will be the most affordable so there's no need to shop around. He's very easy to communicate with and never pressures me into services; I definitely trust Doug's ideas and knowledge of this business that he's been in for so long.  Doug is affordable, dependable, very personable... he takes pride in his business and it shows. Thanks, Douglas Landscapes!

It was great, Doug fit us in last minute (2 days notice) after I was out of town for a couple weeks and needed landscaping done quickly for a birthday party. He did a great job and the place looked fantastic. We're counting to use his help for further landscaping needs.

Stefan W. - Georgetown

I have been using Douglas Landscape for four years. He has installed sod, mulch and a sprinkler system. His work is impeccable and only outmatched by his work ethic and outgoing personality. He shows up when he says and finishes the job. He will not leave you hanging like a lot of landscapers. Doug is different from most landscapers. He is college educated and takes pride in his work. I highly recommend him. You will not regret it.

Gaylon - Liberty Hill

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